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The Story of Himiko...

Himiko created peace at home & diplomatic savvy abroad, and soon over one hundred clan-nations considered her their shamaness queen. Living in a mighty fortress and served by one-thousand women and one man, who acted as her point of contact with her people, Queen Himiko was seldom seen in public. Still, her influence radiated throughout her kingdom, and her people prospered under her rule.

The Gishi no Wajinden records claim that more than seventy thous & households united under her reign, compete with a taxation system, well-organized laws, and a thriving trade. In archaic Japanese her name means "Sun Daughter" or "Sun Child," & her people believed she was a descendant of Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess, and she, therefore, gave them access to the gods.

According to Japanese legend, her father, emperor Suinin, gave her custody of the sacred mirror, symbol of the sun goddess, & she enshrined that mirrot at Ise, of present Mie Prefecture, creating the Grand Shrine of Ise, still considered the most important Shinto sanctuary in Japan. According to a recent survey, 99.9% of Japanese school children can identify Himiko as the mystical queen of long-ago Japan.

Beauty contests are held in her name, tarot cards, feature her image, & manga comics place her in a starring role in many guises, & so the legend of Himiko lives on today. When Queen Himiko died, it is said that anywhere from 100 to 1000 attendants followed her to her grave. Yes, they were sacrificed in her honor.

Today, Himiko no longer requires the sacrifice of others to honor her. When you eat at her restaurant today, you can plan to leave with all those you brought with you and we hope you will feel that you have dined like royalty.